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As Seen In Plastics Technology

2019 SPE Auto Innovation Award Winners
There were many ‘firsts’ with broad transferability.

DuPont Hytrel TPC-ET

DuPont Introduces New 3D Printing Materials
New pelletized grades reportedly offer customers greater manufacturing agility and cost-effectiveness.

DowDuPont to Complete Spin-Off of Companies
Following last month’s spin-off of a ‘new’ Dow, the spin-off of an independent DuPont materials company and the new Corteva agriculture firm will take place June 1.

Nylon 66: Pricing & Supply Issues Spur Processors to Consider Alternatives
While the nylon 66 tightness may not prove long-lasting, resin suppliers, compounders, and distributors have mobilized to offer processors an array of ‘replacement’ materials. 

POM post mold shrinkage

A Processor's Most Important Job, Part 5: POM Polymers
Using a mold temperature above a polymer’s Tg ensures a degree of crystallinity high enough to provide for dimensional stability, even if the part must be used at elevated temperatures. But POM is an exception. Why?

Materials: New Nylon & PET Electrical Compounds
New Rynite and Zytel grades for automotive electrical parts and household appliances.

New Ionomer Decorative Effects Using Hot Stamping
DuPont collaboration with Kurz Group leads to golden or metallized effects.

DowDuPont Realigns Portfolio
The new merger makes adjustments within two of its three intended independent companies.

Price Increases on Polyacetal and UHMW-PE Underway
POM, UHMW-PE join other commodity engineering resins in moving up in price.

Alpine Piled on the Layers At K 2016
A record for film blowing at a show: 11 layers.

DuPont To Inaugurate New Chinese Compounding Facility
Called Apollo and located in the Guangming New District of Shenzhen, the facility will be DuPont’s largest compounding operation in the world.

DuPont Intensifies Research on Thermoplastic Composites
By co-locating its research activities at Aachen University, DuPont becomes a “premium partner” with the Aachen Center for Integrative Lightweight Production.

The SPE Auto Innovation Award’s Chassis, Powertrain Finalists
Three chassis/hardware and two powertrain innovative applications bear mention.

Novel Process Opens Up Vast Landscapes for Biobased Materials
DuPont and ADM develop new process to make high-purity fructose derivative for conversion to biobased chemicals and materials.

Several ‘Firsts’ Among 2015 SPE Automotive Innovation Awards
Of the nine award categories, thermoplastics captured five winners.

Body Exterior Finalists of SPE Auto Innovation Awards
Exterior applications meriting mention from the 2015 SPE Auto Innovation Awards include entrants from Ford and GM.

DuPont and Dow Plan “Merger of Equals”
Two companies will become one--and then three.

DuPont and Dow Confirm "Merger of Equals"
Proposal would create three companies that will spun off in the future.

SPE Winners in Powertrain, Chassis & Process Assembly
More on top innovations from 2015 SPE Automotive Awards

DuPont Celebrates 80th Anniversary of Nylon
If guitars, piano and voice shape music; and email, texts and blogs shape how we communicate; then nylon shapes ideas, says DuPont.

Product Categories of DuPont Performance Polymers

Nylon--Type 6
Nylon--Type 6/66 Copolymer
Nylon--Type 610
Nylon--Type 612
Nylon--Type 66
Polyamide, Aromatic
Polyester (Thermoplastic)--PBT Type
Polyester (Thermoplastic)--PET Type
Polyester (Thermoplastic)--PTT Type
Polyimide (Thermoplastic)
Polyphthalamide (PPA)
Recycled/Reprocessed Materials--Pelletized Form
Stock Shapes--Rod, Tube
Thermoplastic Elastomers--Polyester Type

Trade Names

Crastin® PBT
Delrin® acetal
Hytrel® TPC-ET
Minlon® PA
Rynite® PET
Sorona® EP
Vespel® parts & shapes
Zytel® HTN PPA
Zytel® Nylons