Plastics Technology: Engel PLASTIC INJECTION MOLDING It’s hard to imagine what our world would be like without plastics. And if you ended up on this Plastic Injection Molding knowledge center, you are most likely looking for more information on processing, technologies, troubleshooting assistance, or you have heard of the term 'injection molding' and are just curious about how it works and what products can be made with this method. About 30% of all plastic products are made using the injection molding process. ? TYPES OF TECHNOLOGIES MACHINE TYPES TROUBLESHOOTING ? kcCarousel2 = (function() { var carousel = document.querySelector('#slider2'); var nextButton = carousel.querySelector('.slider-next'); var prevButton = carousel.querySelector('.slider-previous'); var nextThumbnail = carousel.querySelector('.slider-next-image'); var nextTitle = nextButton.querySelector('.next-title'); var prevThumbnail = carousel.querySelector('.slider-previous-image'); var prevTitle = prevButton.querySelector('.prev-title'); var images = carousel.querySelectorAll('.sliderbox-image'); var counter = 0; var amount = images.length; var previous = images[amount - 1]; var current = images[0]; previous.classList.add('prev'); current.classList.add('active'); function navigate(direction) { current.classList.remove('active'); previous.classList.remove('prev'); counter = counter + direction; var prevThumbnailIndex; var nextThumbnailIndex; if (direction === -1 && counter (amount - 1)) { nextThumbnailIndex = 0; } else { nextThumbnailIndex = counter + 1; } current = images[counter]; current.classList.add('active'); nextThumbnail.setAttribute('src', images[nextThumbnailIndex].querySelector('img').getAttribute('src')); nextTitle.innerHTML = images[nextThumbnailIndex].querySelector('.slide-title').innerHTML; nextThumbnail.classList.add('active'); prevThumbnail.setAttribute('src', images[prevThumbnailIndex].querySelector('img').getAttribute('src')); prevTitle.innerHTML = images[prevThumbnailIndex].querySelector('.slide-title').innerHTML; prevThumbnail.classList.add('active'); }; nextButton.addEventListener('click', function(e) { nextThumbnail.classList.remove('active'); prevThumbnail.classList.remove('active'); window.clearInterval(timer); navigate(1); }); prevButton.addEventListener('click', function(e) { nextThumbnail.classList.remove('active'); prevThumbnail.classList.remove('active'); window.clearInterval(timer); navigate(-1); }); navigate(0); var timer = window.setInterval(function() { navigate(1); }, 3500); })(); Simply put, plastic injection molding is a cyclical manufacturing process that allows for cost efficient production of large numbers of identical parts made from either thermoplastic or thermoset materials. With so many advancements in injection molding, many different types of materials can be used including plastic, rubber and metal. The injection molding process is also used to produce many packaging items including caps for water bottles, components for cars and airplanes, toys, home goods, appliances, TVs, electronic parts and medical products. These are just a few of the items in your daily life that are made using injection molding. Want to know more about new products, technologies or training? ENGEL offers a newsletter on the most important topics or ask our experts, they are happy to help you! "成年人电影-成年免费三级视频- 成年的性生活"